” FC Wines & Food Promotions has been distributing the finest high quality products from our supplying partners since 1996. Not only I am proud to represent these suppliers, but also I love their products which I personally recommend and use on a daily basis.
I would like to present four of our great suppliers below along with a link which takes you to the full list of their products.
Should you have any quires please fell free to contact myself or any member of my team by clicking on the link below.”


Casa Roma is the name of an old country house which is located by the Piave river. Casa Roma, home of the Perruzzetto family, has a tradition of wine growing which stretches back over the centuries.
Its aim is to distribute these local wines far and wide and to produce international wines of the highest quality.



Le Rive, the agricultural business farm owned by Bonato family, is based in Nigrisia di Ponte di Piave, 30 kilometres away from Venice, ancient land tradition settled in the vine cultivation field. Bonato family believes in quality. A value conquered by sacrifice, courageous choices and obduracy. The same qualities are found in the grapes and in all the bottles.



An important decision was made by the company founders, who strongly believed both in the quality of their products and in the bond with their land: they decided to bring an apples processing industry in the same area where they are grown. The company is located in Val di Non, a valley in the heart of the Trentino region, which is famous for growing and producing the best apples in Italy.
Thanks to the conformation and dislocation of the ground and to the varieties that are grown, the apples of this region are some of the best to be produced in Europe, due to their organoleptic and crunchiness properties. Dolomiti Fruits was born to process apples but then spread to other fruits, that are all strictly chosen and processed.
Only the best apples, pears, apricots, cherries, grapes, berries, strawberries and kiwisbecome Dolomiti Fruits’ juices, pulps and purees.



Our philosophy is based on the concepts of authenticity, freshness and tradition. Those qualities have been appreciated not only by a significant number of customers, who visit our shop every day, but also by prestigious brands that entrusted us with the production of their recipes.The shop is historically situated in the centre of Belluno, whereas the new production unit is in the suburbs. The shop is in a constant and direct contact with the centre of production and it is possible to make pasta in special formats and quantities on request. The production is carried out without interrupting the cold chain in order to guarantee products of high quality and safety.


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