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We offer a reliable service in London: due to the knowledge of the area, We have the best contacts. In recent times there has been an explosion in the popularity of fine Italian wine and food.

FC Wines & Food Promotions ltd office and showroom are based in Unit 10, Riverside Business Park, London, where all most food and wine importers gather.

We provide tailored made services for all the producers, who desire to be introduced into the UK market.

Our purpose is a promotion of the quality of our food and wine products in UK, whose Provenance is certified. We have developed new collaboration agreements with local Italian agricultural companies in order to supply high quality products to our customers. The most recent partners are from the area of Conigliano, Pastificio Menazza and Societa’ agricola Menin from Belluno in the Veneto region.

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Main Services

Best Negotiation

The combination of expertise and strong relations with suppliers places us at the forefront of the trade.

Cost control focus

We work will secure the most satisfactory outcome in the transaction on any wine or food portfolio

Entail negotiations

Entail negotiations for pricing, sales terms, and import conditions, where applicable.


Long term relations with customers – web page, Facebook, promotions, wine and food tasting days, travels, updates of new products coming into the market.


We sometimes host private tastings, arranges for trial run sales shipments, and even organizes promotional winery tours, if appropriate. Whatever is needed to seal up a sales agreement is usually done!


We usually visit the winery in person, sample the wine, and draw up an agreement with the winery’s sales representative about how many bottles or cases need to be sold. Then, he will look for ways of getting that wine onto restaurant wine lists, store shelves, or other commercial venues as directed by the vintner.

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